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    About Us    

The Sou'Wester Restaurant and Gift Shop began in 1967 as a small five table tearoom at the side of a house at its present location. It has been expanded over the last 4 decades to a 180 seat restaurant offering traditional maritime & seafood meals, and a two-level gift shop with one of the Maritimes largest selections of giftware.

Today, more than 40 years later, The Sou'Wester is still run by the family of its founder, Jack Campbell.


On December 24th, 1966, Jack Campbell bought the Lighthouse View Tearoom, which was owned by Lizzie Morash and was situated in the same site it is today. When Jack bought it he actually lived in one half of the building. It was unfinished on the inside, heated by a Key Mac stove and had 5 card tables at one end of the house. In the spring of 1967, they cut the house portion off the building and moved it away. The inside was then finished. The ceilings were hand carved, with an adz, by Reggie Schneider of Bridgewater and Rufus Covey of Hackett's Cove.
Gradually extensions were added to the restaurant, which at the time seated 56 people. In 1978-79 the present day kitchen was built, as well as the section of the building facing the cove. In the late 80's the giftshop was added, completing the present day structure which now seats 180 people and offers traditional meals and delicious seafood. The two level giftshop has one of the largest giftware selections in the maritimes.
In 1989, the Whale back Back Country Store in Indian Harbour was built. The baking for the restaurant is done at this location. They sell hard ice cream, hot dogs, groceries, convenience store items, clothing and giftware. Along side of the Whales back is a new building which houses special functions and bus groups.
Next to the Whale Back is the Whale Back Country Inn & Suites which has two units available for rent on a weekly basis.
Beachcomber Enterprises, in Tantallon, was acquired in 1977. It is a wholesale company which imports, manufactures and distributes, nautical giftware and clothing to giftshops throughout Central and Eastern Canada.